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What is PSM?

PSM (Pocketmine Server Manager) is an application made by the PMT (PocketMine Tools) team to manage PocketMine MCPE servers.

Our main goal was to create a GUI for Pocketmine servers, allowing anybody even without coding knowledge to play with their friends in MCPE

Why should server owners use PSM?

Easy to use

Our main goal was to make PocketMine Server Manager easy to use. Managing servers resumes as a few clicks and you can manage players, levels, and plugins without even using a command ! PSM was also made so you can create a successful server even without knowing any command!

Multi server

PSM also allows you to run dozens of servers at the same time without having to launch a lot of terminal! Multi server managing also allows you to create a powerful, easily managable MCPE network without having the struggle to code a tool or combine dozens of other's.

Why should developers use PSM?


PSM provides a full API allowing you to send notifications, show windows, and more just to give the user a full GUI management for the plugins. This API also allows you to add commands to plugins/players/worlds so the server owner can easily use your plugin in a simple way

Testing made easier

Multi server handling allows you to test your plugins easily on multiple pocketmine phars at the same time, allowing a better and faster support of all possible versions. This will make your plugin more popular.

Why should hosting companies use PSM?

Fully free

Unlike a lot of pannels, PSM is fully free and doesn't require a web interface to manage plugins. Just give your customers a VNC access making them feel into an already known and friendly environment.

Mobile friendly

Using the material design, PSM was meant to be mobile friendly. The material design fits well with the Android design, making the users comfortable in this friendly environment.